AM32 Programmer

$ 12.50

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This AM32 Programmer will come ready to plug into your computer or laptop thru USB.
And ready to connect to your ESC's 2-wire servo connector.

You will receive the necessary "Multi_ESC_Config_Tool" software for your computer once your purchase is complete.

First you'll need to download the ZIP file included with your purchase,
that you have received by email. 

"Extract" that Zip file to open it.

Once the file is opened, scroll to the bottom and double-click the "SerialPortConnector.exe" to run the tuning program from the file.

Once open, the Screen should look like this before plugging in your ESC:


Check the box that says "Direct Connect", so that it is "On"

Now,  plug in your programmer.

Select Port that corresponds with what USB port you've plugged the programmer

Now connect your ESC to the programmer, then connect your battery to the ESC.

Now you should be ready to Click "Connect", which should be followed by seeing a box that says "M1". 

Click on the "M1" button, and your AM32 Based ESC is ready to tune to your liking!


Below is a example of a Brushless tune on a 2300 KV, 14 pole motor. 

All tuning parameters can be explained by following this link. We recommend taking a screenshot of current settings, so you have a point of reference to go back to. 

AM32 Settings Explained

As with any form of tuning, try to change only one parameter at a time in order to observe it's effect. Take your time, check temperatures, and make certain your battery is fully charged when you begin.

If your Windows computer doesn't automatically recognize your programmer, you may need to download the driver manually. Please follow the link to our D-Drive Downloads page for the Drivers, and current Firmware versions for both brushed & brushless models.

D-Drive 25amp ESC Downloads

Pro Tip:
Having a battery checker during driving operations can help diagnose a low cell within the pack, when under a load. Low-Voltage Adjustments can also be tuned under the "Input" tab, at the top of the ESC Config Tool screen.
3.5volts is represented by "350" in the box on the right.
Make sure to turn on the low-voltage cutoff, by checking the box labeled "Low-Voltage".

Happy Tuning!

If you have any further questions about this programmer, or our D-Drive Micro Sport ESC's, feel free to reach out by phone listed on our Home page,
or tapping the "Contact Us" , and dropping us an message.