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The "Dinky Divorce Kit" Has been entirely re-Designed from the ground up,
& packed full of new features!
Giving you " Weapons Grade" Technology, for your Scale Crawler!

The DDK.2 Allows for multiple set-ups, to suit your specific needs.
We've combined the Gr7.2 GRU, with the Split-Skid OD/CR unit to bring some
Intriguing new functionality into your scale crawling abilities. 
We're giving you 3 options, right outta the gate!
(Comp mounts sold separately)

 The "Trail" Set-up, motor is up front, along side your chassis mounted servo. 
With the Split-Skids center two outputs being used for normal operation.

(With SCX10.1 axle cases, and certain aftermarket cases, these two options can be 
switched back and forth with very minor work)

Use of Counter-Rotating/Over-Drive option with SCX10.2 axles will require the use of
In order to allow you to flip the rear axle and pinion gear.


 The "Trail" Cheater Set-up
Another option for this set-up, that leans us forward to
the performance side of things,
is the ability to move the output for the front axle, to the outside of the Split-Skid. 
This option will give you over-drive to the front axle,
helping to increase your steering "bite", helping you turn tighter.
As well as counter-rotating drive-shafts. 
Implementing this set-up will all but eliminate your torque twist! 

"Comp" Set-Up
Yet another option is directed towards builders that lean
more heavily into the performance department, with our "Comp" set-up.
Consisting of the same two main units, Gr7.2 & Split-Skid,
and only requiring an additional mounting bracket.
With this set-up you are forced to run the OverDrive/Counter-Rotating option,
due to your motors new location, in relation to the Split-Skid, Drive-Shafts, and links.