Bomber Box

$ 7.50

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The 3D Printed "Bomber Box" brings many things into play with one shot! 

First, it gives you a much larger area to hide electronics, run a second battery, carry more spare parts, etc.

It also gives you a place to mount your Axial EXO Radiator that everyone enjoys adding to their builds. 
And literally on top of that, your able to securely mount your Axial EXO Rear Light-bar, safe and secure, in the proper location!

Our thoughts during designing these parts, were that the Axial OEM parts have a much better finish quality, compared to most 3D printed items. So it was our best decision in helping to keep the cost lower, while allowing the best parts to be showcased.
Requiring you to reuse your original Fuel Cell panel from the stock box, providing a greater amount of detail once complete.

(Axial Parts sold separately, and are NOT included)

Uses existing hardware, plus included hardware for assembling rad-light clamping mechanism.


***Also available in Digital Download***


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Summary - No Sharing. No Selling. No remixing to share/sell. Print at Home or Work for personal use.

I have provided these STL's for your personal use and enjoyment, and so that you may re-print them if you ever incur breakage of the printed part. I believe in encouraging individuals creativity, with parts that can be made and enjoyed from the comfort of their own home.

You are permitted to print or produce these works in any media that you like for your own personal use. You are permitted to have the files produced by any shop or individual of your choosing if you are unable to do so yourself.

What if a friend wants me to print one for them? If a friend would like you print a file for them, please have them purchase the STL prior to printing it for them. These designs take a lot of time and money to develop and I appreciate your support and integrity.