D-Drive 25amp ESC Downloads & Info (AM32)

Here's the AM32 Firmware we prefer using currently on our "D-Drive" 25amp ESC's.

Click on either link below to download

AM32 Brushed Firmware for D-Drive 25amp v. 1.98

AM32 Brushless Firmware for D-Drive 25amp v. 1.95

AM32 Brushless Firmware for D-Drive 25amp v. 1.99
Latest Release (09/26/23)


Here's the Downloadable Zip file for the ESC Configurator Tool 1.82

You'll extract the files into a new folder onto your desktop.
Then scroll down to "Serial Port Connector.exe" once open, and dbl click
to open the configurator. After successfully opening the program, check the "Direct Connect" box, and select the port from the drop down menu that you've plugged in the USB to. Then connect your ESC to the Programmer(smooth side to smooth side), then plug in your battery and hit connect. 
Then click on M1, to complete connection and begin tuning. Save settings when complete, and disconnect battery, then ESC, and you're ready for bench testing.
Always remember to save a screen shot of your current settings, so you can go back to them later.


***** The Instructions below are ONLY for the Original AM32 Programmer *****
(Now Discontinued)
Replaced by the new AM32 Programmer V2 that uses a different driver,
which is automatically recognized by Windows10 or higher.

AM32 Programmer / Device Driver Troubleshooting

Your Device should be automatically recognized on your Windows computer. 
If you have trouble, check in your "Device Manager" to see if it has been recognized. If you need to install it manually, here's the website to download the device driver, if you're still having trouble getting it to do it automatically.


You'll need the one called "CP210x Windows Drivers v6.7.6"
(Shown below in the screenshot)

After extracting this file into a new folder, you'll be ready to double click on the application circled below, and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

After that installation is complete, you should see your device listed in your Device Manager as "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge" under the ports tab on your computer.

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone, social media, email, etc., if you have any difficulties getting connected, or need some help with tuning. We can even connect to your computer from our "Help Desk" if you have any further troubles.