SCX10 Cantilever Kit

$ 37.50 $ 47.50

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Dinky R/C's  "SCX10 Cantilever Kit" fits both generations of Axial SCX10 & SCX10.2 Chassis.

This is the Full kit, NO Shocks. 
All other hardware, rocker arms & turnbuckles are included. 
All inclusive compact design lends itself to new potential for flat beds,
full drop beds, and increased interior room!

Now made in-house, and CNC'd from Black Delrin. 
Combined with solidly 3D Printed ABS Backing Bracket.
And ready for the installation of your 50mm shocks.

DO NOT USE thread-lock on hardware. (It will eat the ABS!)
If needed, use "SuperGlue" as your thread-locking compound.
Suggested usage on Upper-Link Bolts into 3D Printed part of assembly.

Designed specifically for the Axial SCX10,
the image below shows an example of how the Cantilever Kit is installed.