"Bob-Tail" Flatbed kit for RC4WD Tf2

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The Dinky R/C "Bob-Tail" Flatbed kit is designed to work with the RC4WD 2-door Mojave body.
Featuring 4 operational compartments for gear or electronics bays, as well as a functional storage drawer in the rear, with spots for tie-downs. 

Multiple locations have been provided to use 2/56" screws, to help mount your bungies, or tie-downs thru-out the open bed area and headache rack.
Rear bumper area provides locations for a total of (6) 5mm LED's in the rear of the bed, which can be covered with clear plastic, and the included lens frames to help dress the rear lighting. 

Each of the main side boxes provide access and ample room for your receiver, or smaller electronics to fit inside, while allowing you to route your wires cleanly inside to help keep things tidy.

Main floor piece can be 3D Printed with the included STL file.
Optionally, the main floor piece can be cut from sheet material of your choice using the included PDF and DXF files, and are also included in the file set. 
1/8" or 3mm thick sheet is suggested.

All files are meant to fit most common 220mm x 220mm plate sized 3D Printers
(Creality Ender 3, or similar)

(Truck & welder NOT included)

As with most 3D Printed items, your parts may require post processing for proper fit and function.
Here's a few tips we'll keep adding to, that will help you build and install your flatbed.

- Suggest printing all doors and rear drawer face down.
 (Support may be needed for drawer)

- Side Boxes will lay on their backs for best printing results, some custom supports are suggested.

- Installation of this product after printed, will require replacing some existing hardware with longer hardware in order to mount to your frame. 

- 2/56" x 5/16"L hardware required for all areas where smaller screws are required.
(Compartment doors, bumper attachment, and tie-down locations)
(1.5mm solid rod can be substituted for screws at the hinge areas)

- Headache rack requires 25mm hardware to the Main Floor piece, installed from the bottom upwards.

 - 3mm x 10mm hardware is used for most all other bolt hole locations.

By purchasing this file, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the licensing for these files.

This work is licensed under

Summary - No Sharing. No Selling. No remixing to share/sell. Print at Home or Work for personal use.

I have provided these STL's for your personal use and enjoyment, and so that you may re-print them if you ever incur breakage of the printed part. I believe in encouraging individuals creativity, with parts that can be made and enjoyed from the comfort of their own home.

You are permitted to print or produce these works in any media that you like for your own personal use. You are permitted to have the files produced by any shop or individual of your choosing if you are unable to do so yourself.

What if a friend wants me to print one for them? If a friend would like you print a file for them, please have them purchase the STL prior to printing it for them. These designs take a lot of time and money to develop and I appreciate your support and integrity.