Mini-H Quad Racing Canopy "Firefly" V1

$ 12.50

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Dinky R/C's "Firefly" V1 Racing Canopy adds style and protection to your racing quad.

(Pictures shown for visual reference only, quadcopter not included)

No longer be lost in the crowd, with increased visibility for FPV spectators and judges.
Plus better visual cues for the LOS freestyle flyers!

(Pictures shown for visual reference only, quadcopter not included)

Trim the side panels however you like, shown above with a Flat Back "RatRod" inspired look!

Sleek new design lends itself to increased aerodynamics, as well as protecting your electronics!
Express your style on your racing quad, experiment with different liveries, make it YOUR OWN!

(Opaque White Masking has been peeled to show clairity ^^^)

- Made form durable .030" Lexan, and includes opaque white masking for easy trim markings.
- Weights in at less than 17grams.
- Fits snug, only requiring a small piece of Velcro under the nose of the canopy for mounting.
- Specifically designed for 250 Class Blackout Mini H-Quad, and similar clone chassis'.
   (Blackout Mini H-Quad, ZMR250, etc.)

Required for finishing:

- Clean with mild detergent and dry throughly to remove mold release residue before painting
- Lexan Scissors or Hobby Knife (score and break technique works best)
- Lexan appropriate paint
- Velcro or Hook & Loop fastener for mounting to your top plate.
- Requires battery to be moved to lower portion of chassis