SCX24 Rear Upper-link Riser

$ 5.00

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The Axial SCX24 rear upper-link risers from Dinky R/C allow for increased adjustability,  and a greater range of tuning options. Larger vertical separation of the rear axles upper and lower mounting points provide increased mechanical traction, imposing more downward force onto the chassis when under load. Giving you more forward grip while climbing, without the need for adding weight to your rig.

These small suspension geometry changes can dramatically affect your rigs anti-squat and anti-dive performance characteristics. As well as increasing your climbing angle ability compared to the stock setup. Video below shows 3° of increased climbing ability, when compared to using stock  components. The raw chassis OEM Jeep Gladiator topped out at 57°, before flipping off the test ramp. While the Dinky R/C modified rig topped out at a solid 60°, only tapping out at 61°. Same exact rigs, only difference is our suspension mounts.

Designed and manufactured "in-house", and meticulously 3d printed to give you more "bang for your buck", while providing noticeable performance gains!

What's included:
Rear upper-link riser (1pc)

(Hardware NOT included)

Installs using factory hardware