Universal Trailing Arm Kit

$ 28.50

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When you wanna build an off-road trailer for yourself, 
could you be getting stumped on how to build the suspension?
We have just the solution...

Our Universal Trailing arm kit is meant to simplify adding axles & suspension to YOUR trailer, or one of ours.
Easy to install on any flat bottomed trailer. 
These trailing arms make it a breeze to build a single axle, or tandem axle of your dreams.
Works with any of our Trailers we produce, and fits any custom you'd ever wanna build.

ONLY 3D Printed ABS plastic parts are included
Hardware & Shocks are not Included.

- Recommended Parts:
                            (12pcs) 3mm x 6mm Hardware
                            (1) pair of 60mm Shocks
                            1.9" Wheels and Tires of your choice

Parts required to complete:

-Traxxas Parts List: 
               Part# 3637 (Axle Stub)
               Part# 3654 (Hex & Pin)
               Part# 3740 (2.5 x 31.5mm Susp. pin)