Traxxas 4Tec Rally Kit

$ 42.50 $ 47.50

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So, you're interested in going Rally Racing with your Traxxas 4Tec?
And wished there was something like the XV-01 has for inner fenders, but better... ? 
We gotcha covered, quite liteRally, with the 4Tec Rally Kit!

The Dinky R/C 4Tec Rally kit includes 4 inner fenders, with hardware to mount them directly to your chassis.
They are tied together by 1/8" ABS side skirts, adding strength and coverage to the underside of your chassis.
Also adding more protection from debris and rocks, from entering your chassis tub.
Side skirts extend 25mm from the outer edge of the chassis, so most all bodies should fit over them.
Easy to cut, if somehow they're still too wide.
Both front fenders include 2 holes per side, located inside the fender, to allow you to mount your own mud flaps. (NOT included)

Suggested finishing would include the use of bicycle tire tube, and/or some closed cell foam, in order to extend the edges of all 6 pieces to the inside surface of your choice of body. You will adhere these to the surface of your 4Tec Rally Kit pieces, using your choice of adhesive.
(shoe-goo, E6000, or similar)
Mud Flaps can be made from many different choices of material. With the most common being plastic folders from your favorite big box store.
Or even use some of the bicycle tire tube, that you used to close out the rest of the gap between your Rally kit, and your body.

Includes all hardware for installation. 

Does not require you to move your Rx box, just a personal modification.

All items are made to order, please allow 2-4 days production time before shipment.