VTR Base Rails

$ 12.50

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The VTR Base Rail set is by far our simplest of roof rail options.
Playing within the "less is more" area of design, it will still provide plenty of utility, while giving an understated yet stylish look.

Great for mounting a variety of our roof top accessories, including Cargo boxes, the VTR "Pagoda" Ski Rack, or even our VTR Cargo Basket. Includes our X-Rail flat mount brackets (4pcs), to easily mount almost any scale accessory to your vehicle.

Minimalistic design lends itself to fitting well on most touring cars and drifters.

What's included:
T-6 aluminum bars (2pcs)
3d Printed mounting brackets (4pcs)
X-Rail flat mount brackets (4pcs)
Stainless hardware (4pcs)

Suggested use of double-stick tape, or shoe-goo for mounting to your vehicle.

Vehicles and bodies not included, and shown for demonstration purposes only.