"Apex-1" V2 Pro Micro

$ 90.00

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The proven chassis design of the original "Apex-1" V2 Pro has been micro-sized for the 1/24th scale enthusiasts!
Inspired from its predecessor, this compact buggy has what it takes to finish at the top of competitions and benchtop concours!
Based on the Axial SCX24 platform, this conversion kit will become your new favorite micro buggy!

The "Apex-1" V2 Pro Micro features a 3D Printed ABS cage, in a variety of colors to choose from.
We've chosen the ABS cage construction for it's durability and resilience to UV light,
while still providing a small amount of flexibility for absorbing those roll-overs and mishaps out on the trail. 
Machined 1.6mm Delrin "V2 Pro" micro frame serves as a rigid, yet forgiving backbone,
to give this ultralight setup the advantage you need to help keep your CG as low as possible without sacrificing skid plate clearance.
Featuring multiple shock mounting locations for tuning. As well as integrated upper-link riser locations front and rear,
to effectively lower your center-of-mass into a lower rotational center.
Giving you LCG performance, without the need for a high-clearance skid plate.
(Access to rear locations may require aftermarket motor relocation)
39mm-43mm telescopic shocks are not only suggested, but are required in order to fully utilize the "half-droop/low-slung" setup we prefer to use.
(Soft or medium springs are suggested, Shocks are NOT included)

Integrated battery mount is optimized for the lowest center of gravity,
while utilizing the front upper-link riser provided by the included "FLR" Skid Plate.
Intended battery location is setup for a 300mah 2s lipo pack, which is held in place
with the easy access bungie for "clipless" battery swaps.
The rear tray design provides space to install your aftermarket electronics,
with the included extension bracket for additional mounting space above your gearbox.
Also providing mounting locations for your 3mm red LED's, should you choose to install them.

Uniquely designed hood cage and grill incorporate a snapping detent closure, to provide easy access to your battery compartment.
While also giving you a spot to install your 3mm & 1mm LED's.(not included)
We've included templates along with a sheet of lexan to cut out your body panels.
As well as the vacuum formed interior, molded from black styrene to be lightweight, while being super easy to paint.
To make sure you're ready to assemble, we've also included a giant hardware pack, with enough for this rig, and more!


We've got two options available, with the BaseLine and Ultimate combos.
- The "BaseLine Combo" does NOT include the 8pc link set or servo mounts,
and is aimed at those that will choose to use other aftermarket versions of those items.
It DOES still include our "FLR" Skid Plate, so you can still take advantage of the front upper-link riser built into that skid.

The "Ultimate Combo" Includes 8pc 3d printed high-clearance link set, that will provide you with a 143mm(5.63") wheelbase. 
It also includes both front only, and dual steering options for you.
With 2 of our upper-link riser servo mounts, as well as a single rear upper-link riser
bracket, the choice is yours when building your rig!


Recommended wheelbase accomplished using 58mm lower-links front & rear, and 50mm upper-links front & rear.
(Optimize by using custom 47.5mm upper-links in the front for better steering kingpin angle, when using our FLR Skid Plate)

***Ultimate Combo***
What's Included:
• "Apex-1" Micro buggy cage (5pcs)
• "V2 Pro" Micro Chassis kit - Delrin (7pcs)
• Styrene Interior cockpit w/helmet
• Lexan body panel sheet w/templates
• Mini sticker sheet
• Hardware assortment pack (252pcs)
• Upper & lower link set (8pcs) w/ Brass balls
• "FLR" Skid Plate
• F/R servo/4-link mount (2pcs)
• Rear axle upper link riser
• Battery bungie

***Baseline Combo***
What's Included:
• "Apex-1" Micro buggy cage (5pcs)
• "V2 Pro" Micro Chassis kit - Delrin (7pcs)
• "FLR" Skid Plate

• Styrene Interior cockpit w/helmet
• Lexan body panel sheet w/templates
• Mini sticker sheet
• Hardware assortment pack (252pcs)
• Battery bungie

Items Needed to complete:
• Front & rear axle (or 2 fronts for rear steer)
• Transmission
• Driveshafts
• 39mm-43mm tele-shocks
• Motor, ESC, servo, Rx
• 300mah 2s lipo battery (Tattu, RDQ, etc)
• Wheels & tires