ECX "Bad Temper" Gen2 Skid Plate

$ 25.00

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Dinky R/C's "Bad Temper" Gen2 Skid Plate increases the durability of your rig, by giving you the option to use much beefier Traxxas 1942 Revo ball-ends.

Reinforced with 3mm Delrin outer braces, strength is increased, and extra room is managed to accommodate the new lower ball-ends, while keeping a smooth transition when sliding over the rocks. Vehicles wheelbase is increased by 4mm overall, and includes 2mm upper link spacers (4pcs), in order to keep everything lined up 

What's included:

3D Printed center section

3mm Delrin outer braces (2pcs)

2mm x 5mm(OD) upper link spacers (4pcs)

3mm x 16mm hardware (4pcs)

2/56 x 3/8" cap-head hardware (8pcs)


Traxxas Revo Ball-ends are NOT included. 

Best suggestion to purchase part #1942,

So you're more readily able to convert your entire vehicle to the larger ball-ends, using Dinky R/C ECX future upgrades.