Cheap Seats (White)

$ 17.50

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"Cheap Seats" are sold in pairs, and are a highly detailed alternative, for your next scale build!

Whether your custom fabricating a 1.9 scaler, with interior room being at a premium.
Or enhancing the look and performance of your 2.2 Wraith.
These will be your next first choice in scale interior accessories!

Manufactured from .040" Styrene, the pair weighs in at .6oz.
Giving you a huge weight savings when compared to the OEM Wraith seats,
which weigh in at 3.6oz per pair.
So while giving you great scale looks, the competitive crowd will surely be pleased with the lighter weight up high.

Above pic shows one half of what's included, and will require trimming as shown,
and assembly before installation.
Any Styrene safe adhesive can be used when glueing the two halves together.
Once assembled, the "Cheap Seats" become surprisingly VERY strong!
Testing them on the scales at 10lbs. pressure, when flipped upside down on the table.
So although they are Uber light-weight, durablity should not be a factor once installed into your favorite scale rig.

The above pic shows what they looked like in Black once assembled,
and ready for installation into your rig!


Height:        2 3/4" (70mm)
Width:         2 1/8" (54mm)
Seat Depth: 2 1/8" (54mm)

You will need:

-Nice pair of curved hobby scissors
-Hobby Knife W/ sharp blade
-Styrene safe adhesive (Plastruct, Tenax7, or Super Glue)
-Fine grit sand paper for finishing edges, etc.
-Paint color of your choice
-Dbl-Stick tape for installation