ECX "Bad Temper" Combo

$ 85.00

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Dinky R/C's ECX "Bad Temper" combo allows you to convert all of your ECX Temper Gen2 suspension components to use 3mm hardware, while increasing the overall performance and tuning ability of your rig.
Combining all of our ECX "Bad Temper" upgrade components will provide one of the most sensible upgrades on the market, and will dramatically improve the handling and durability of your rig!

$2.50 savings on each component when purchased as a combo, for a combined savings of $10.00!

What's Included:
ECX V2 Skid Plate
ECX SLP-V2 Servo Plate (2)
ECX DS3 Axle Mount Kit

Traxxas ball-ends are NOT Included, use of part # 1942 or similar is suggested.