ECX "Bad Temper" Gen2 DS3 Axle Mount Kit

$ 25.00

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Upgrade your lower-link and shock mounts to use 3mm hardware, with the new DS3 axle mount kit. Vastly improve the strength of your ECX Temper Gen2 by moving up to a more readily available and industry standard Traxxas ball-end, captured by the strength of the double-shear style mounts, increasing the overall durability of your rig. This will also make it possible to use larger 3mm ball-end equipped lower shock mounts, making your upgraded shock selection that much easier.
(Stock shocks can still be used, by removing the ball from the lower shock ball-end)

The DS3 kit will increase the adjustability of your suspension setup, by giving you more mounting locations for your lower-links, as well as more shock mounting positions. As this kit makes it possible to install your links and shocks on the inside, outside, or combination of both when using these mounting brackets.
By dropping the lower-link mounts, it will increase your rear anti-squat performance, providing more mechanical traction, without adding weight. When used in combination with our V2 Upper-link and servo mount, this can be increased even more, by then raising the upper-link mounting point for even better climbing performance. Axle housing ground clearance loss is minimal, as the brackets hang no lower than the c-hubs and straight axle adapters. Yet still provide smooth transitions over rough terrain or rocky trails.

Manufactured from military grade Delrin plastic, durability and strength is not a problem. As it's some of the toughest plastic material available, and has been a leading choice of Dinky R/C for over a decade. You won't break these!

What's included:
Machined Delrin mounting brackets (8pcs)
3mm x 16mm lower-link hardware (4pcs)
3mm x 20mm shock hardware (4pcs)
2mm x 5mmOD spacers (8pcs)

Traxxas ball-ends are NOT included, and use of part # 1942 or similar is suggested.

OEM 2mm hardware is re-used, in order to install the brackets into their stock location.