ECX "Bad Temper" Gen2 V2 Servo-Link Plate

$ 20.00

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Increase the performance and durability of your ECX Temper Gen2, with the V2 Servo-Link Plate (SLP-V2).
Designed to allow you to upgrade to 3mm hardware and upper-link mounts, while providing increased adjustability of your suspension setup. Eliminating the need for the weak OEM 2mm upper-link thru-bolt, that are notorious for getting bent, breaking, or completely tearing off the mounting boss.
Tuning your rig without adding weight, can drastically increase your rigs overall performance. And with the V2 Servo-Link plate making it possible to adjust your axles roll-center, squat, and anti-squat is one of the most notable features of the SLP-V2.

But, the features don't stop there!

Add the optional OTA (Over-the-Axle) steering drag-link, and dramatically increase your axles approach angle clearance, by moving your steering link to above the axle, and just below the V2 Servo-Link Plate. Also compatible with the OEM servo mount brackets, so reinstallation of your servo is a snap!

Available with, or without OTA steering link.
Please select your option within the dropdown menu.

Selecting any of the Combo Options overrides your individual option choices. 


What's Included:
CNC Machined Delrin mounting plate
2/56 x 5/16" plate mounting hardware (3pcs)
3mm x 16mm Upper-link hardware (2pcs)
3mm nylon lock-nuts (2pcs)
2mm x 5mm spacers (4pcs)

Traxxas ball-ends are NOT Included, and use of part # 1942 or similar is suggested.


OEM plate mounting hardware can be re-used.
Although the included 2/56" thread hardware provides better bite into the plate mounting bosses. Care must be taken during installation, as they're slightly larger than the OEM 2mm hardware. Work slow and carefully for best results, and benefit by making it possible to eliminate the sub-par OEM hardware.