Fuel Cell (White)

$ 7.50

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Dinky R/C’s Fuel Cells are a perfect solution for your scale needs!

The Fuel Cell Storage Box will easily hide your standard sized Servo, Esc., BEC., Receiver, and Small Battery Packs, just to name a few!
You’ll also get the added benefit of bonus scale points,
while helping to protect your valuable electronic equipment from moisture and debris.

(Shown here with a weathered and distressed paint scheme for a more vintage look)

The inside of the Fuel Cells measure in at 2 3/16” x 2” x ⅞” (55mm x 51mm x 21mm)
Made from .040” Styrene
Trimming is required prior to installation.

A scoring and cutting technique is highly recommended.

Trimming tips:

Tape your fresh razor blade to a block of wood cut to the desired height of your box.
Firmly hold the Fuel Cell upside down, and your razor knife jig, against your work table.
Rotate the Fuel Cell, while scribing your line into the outside of your box until
you mark it all the way around.
Once you’ve made it all the way around, make sure to push the blade thru the corners gently, till the blade shows from the inside just a bit.
Now, carefully trim away, from corner to corner, using your newly scribed line, to insure a smooth and accident free cut!