Pro Comp "Amigo" 1:24th micro body

$ 27.50

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The Pro Comp "Amigo" micro body is designed to work with all your favorite 1:24th scale comp chassis. 

Vacuum formed .030"  polycarbonate Lexan. 

Body does not come pre-trimmed, and requires painting with your choice of lexan specific paints. 

Pictured here mounted to our V2 Pro Micro chassis (Not included) , setup on a 143mm wheelbase, sitting on 58mm tires.
Track width is 75mm inside, 115mm outside, with 5mm wideners built into the custom wheels.
Sitting on stock SCX24 axles. (For an example of stance)

Includes Full decal sheet, window masks, and Head & Taillight mounts.
3d printed light mounts are designed to hold up to eight 3mm LED's, 4 in the front, 4 in the rear.
Head & Taillight mounts can be "shoe-goo'd" or attached using your 1.4mm hardware,
and reaming holes into the body at corresponding locations.
The grill area of your body can be carefully trimmed away, to reveal the more detailed 3D printed grill.
Or the grill can be trimmed away entirely, if your build requires additional servo clearance during suspension compression.
Same trimming technique can be used for the rear of your body, along the provided optional trim line, located on the tailgate.

(LED's not included) 


Detailed body Dimensions: 

Overall Length - 197mm

Door area Width - 76mm

Fender area Width - Front 78mm, Rear 81mm

Roof dimensions - 60mm wide X 45mm long

Overall Height - 61mm

Distance between factory wheel wells - 75mm