Universal Interior Kit (White)

$ 15.00

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Our new "Universal Interior Kit" is designed to work with
a large variety of bodies, and body types.
Including trucks, cars, sedans, whatever!

NOW includes our 4-spoke Steering Wheel(FDM)

It's Basic styling lends itself as a terrific starting platform to build from,
and make it YOUR OWN!

While we've included the Instrument panel, and center consol decals.
We've left the rest up to you, to add your own touch of realism.

This new kit can be used as a stand alone kit for most pickups,
2-door coupes, or other 2-seat types of vehicles.

OR, if you choose to purchase two of these kits,
they can be combined to build a 4-seat interior.
And can then be used in most 4-door sedans and Drifter bodies,
as well as SUV's such as the Jeep Cherokee, or other 4-door SUV's.

Below is a simple "how-to" , showing how you can put two of these kits
together, to form a 4-seater interior.
The same technique can be used to adjust the length to fit small areas as well,
such as the Axial Honcho, proline Jeep Comanche, and other small pickups.


Width - 6 3/8" (162mm)
Length - 9 3/8" (238mm)
Height (top of the seat) - 2" (51mm)
Height (side area) - 1" (25mm)


- One Interior Kit (1 Pc.)
- Decal Set (1pc.)

Suggested items needed to Complete:

-Hobby knife
-Styrene safe adhesive
-Velcro, dbl-stick tape, or similar to attach kit to your body