UTV Trailer

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The Dinky R/C UTV Trailer was designed to haul your Axial "Yeti jr." Can Am Maverick SxS , or other similarly sized vehicles. 
Convenient tie-down locations have been milled directly into the floor,
fore and aft,  for easy access, and a clean minimalist look.
Use of your own tie-downs required. 
(Shoe string, paracord, elastic, etc.) 

With its unique size, and off-road capabilities,  step off in a contractor's direction, 
anywhere from hauling your landscaping equipment, to loading up for your next camping trip! 
The main trailer deck area measures 11" L x 7 5/8" W.
You can even use this for a base to build a trailer of your own design!
We've given you a solid platform, what can you dream up?

Fold-down loading ramp doubles as your tailgate once closed.
Or, by simply removing the 2 latch screws, 
it can be folded flat within the space of the main trailer floor.
Allowing it to easily be stowed away in a back pack or storage tote,
on your way to your next big event! 

Constructed entirely from ABS plastic,  with the addition of 3D printed ABS components.
Including the newly redesigned 3D printed tongue, with aluminum backbone for increased strength.
As well as the versatile "Universal" Fenders coming into play to finish off the rugged looks! 


The basic UTV Trailer Kit will NOT provide suspension,  but will "hard mount" your wheel and tire assembly.
It will require the use of Gen1 SCX10 knuckle assembly, your wheels and tires, and ball end for hooking up to your trailer hitch.
Some of these parts you MAY have on hand already in the "Spares" drawer.

 Parts required to complete this configuration:
 (Same parts as our "Woodsman" Trailer)


Our UTV Trailer was also designed to accept our "Universal" Trailing Arm Kit.
And can be purchased in a Discounted Combo in the item selection box above. 

 Parts required to complete this configuration:

- (2) 1.9 wheels and tires
- (1) pair of 60mm Shocks (Touring Car Shocks)
- (4) 5 x 11 bearings

Traxxas Parts List: 
               Part# 3637 (Axle Stub)
               Part# 3654 (Hex & Pin)
               Part# 3740 (2.5 x 31.5mm Susp. pin)

Trailer Comes as a Kit, which is test fit before shipment.
Requires ABS adhesive for assembly, (Super Glue, ABS pipe glue, etc.)
All assembly hardware is included. 
Wheels and tires are NOT included, and ONLY for example.

 - Main Deck area = 11 1/4" L x 7 5/8" W
 - Overall length = 17"
 - Width at tires = 11 3/4"
 - Ground Clearance = 2 1/2"
 - Tool Box internal size = 3 1/8" W x 1 3/8" L x 2" T