VTR Cargo Basket

$ 35.00

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The VTR Cargo Basket gives you rugged looks, and an abundance of utility. With plenty of areas to latch your bungie's or straps onto, your gear will be secure, and ready for your next adventure. They can be installed with a perfect fit, with 4 different sizes to suit your custom needs.

This versatile Cargo Basket can be used as its own base platform, by simply bolting it to your roof, or installing it onto its own VTR Base Rails.
Optionally, use the included dropdown brackets to install the basket into its lowest position, suspended between your basic X-bars, or mount directly to your X-bars with the included stainless hardware. The basket can also be modified to fit your specific width, should you choose to adjust it along with your roof rack. Each size can be adjusted in width by up to 10mm, giving it the same capabilities of the entire VTR System line-up.

Add-in the VTR Base Rails, or the optional VTR Alpine Roof Rail System, to add that extra level of scale realism.

Your VTR Cargo Basket comes pre-assembled, and ready to install. 

What's Included?
- Pre-assembled VTR Cargo Basket (11pcs)
- T-6 Aluminum Bars (8pcs)
- Optional Drop-down mounting brackets (4pcs)
- Stainless Steel Hardware included (10pcs)

Available in 4 different sizes:
Large 143mm x 50mm (5.75" x 2.85")
Medium 128mm x 50mm (5" x 2.85")
Small 113mm x 50mm (4.5" x 2.85")
Dinky 98mm x 50 (3.75" x 2.85")

Shown as an example, the Cargo Basket can be mounted onto many of our VTR System Platforms. Which are NOT included, and shown for demonstration purposes only.