VTR "Katana" Roof Rack

$ 40.00

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The Katana brings you sleek, and refined styling in a thoughtfully designed and multifunctional base platform.
It's slim-line side profile lends itself to off-road, and on-road, enthusiasts alike.

By helping frame the roofline, the Katana accentuates most body lines of your favorite car or truck.

The large length kit is meant for Most SUV's and Wagons. While the medium is sized for most 4-door pickups and sedans, even some coupes.

One of the many features of the VTR System, is its customizability.
Each over all width listed below, can be shortened to suit your exact sizing needs by up to 10mm shorter.
For example, 135mm can be narrowed to 125mm overall width, and so on. Simply trim one or both ends of all of the included X-bars up to 5mm each, then reassemble for a perfect fit for your vehicle!
Careful filing of the backside of the front deflector can then be matched up to your new width if you choose to narrow things up. 

A combination of highly detailed Delrin side plates, and 3D printed components proves to be a great mix of strength and finish quality. Add-in stainless steel hardware thru-out, and the details really start to shine! After precision machining of the Delrin, we process it thru our unique finishing procedure for the ultimate in scale appearance. Giving a complete package that's still very lightweight, and allows maximum usage of the available load capacity. Weighing in at just over an ounce for the medium, and just under 2.5 ounces for the Large once fully assembled!

All of our base platforms present 2 ways of mounting your roof rack, by using the included 3° mounting tabs. We've provided 2 sets of 6 tabs, 12pcs in total, one  set of short, and one  set of 2.5mm taller, in order to help fine tune your installation. The planned use of common hardware thru-out the system, will allow you to use the spare tabs for a multitude of other personal add-on's. These brackets can be used to adhere your base platform to your roof with double-sided tape, or they come uniformly marked with thru-holes for installation with your hardware. Backing plates included, for those who choose to install with hardware, and also can be used as spacers for the perfect fitment.

The customization of the VTR "Katana" continues, as we include both square bottom and curved front deflectors in each kit. Giving you the look YOU want, while keeping the unit versatile for optional parts as they become available.

Dimensions are based on the top edge of the Delrin side pieces. 
Please consider entire roof area when ordering, including top of windshield drop-off.

Add the Optional Cargo Basket and save $2.50 , available in a combo. When ordered in combination with any base platform, the Cargo Basket will be size matched to your individual unit. Use the included dropdown brackets to lower the basket into its lowest position, or mount directly to your X-bars with the included stainless hardware. The basket can also be modified to fit your specific width, should you choose to adjust it along with your roof rack.
They can also be purchased separately, with, or without their own VTR Roof Rail System.

Find more detailed information here
VTR Cargo Basket

The VTR "Katana" comes as a kit
Assembly is required

What's included?
- 2 Delrin side rails
- 3D printed basic X-bars (Lg-12pcs / Med-5pcs / Sm-5pcs)
- Stainless steel hardware included (54pcs)
- 2 Front Deflectors included, square or curved
- 3° mounting brackets, 6 short, 6 tall (12pcs)