VTR "Pagoda" Ski Rack

$ 25.00

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Let us help you be prepared for your next Alpine adventure, with the "Pagoda" Ski Rack!
It's compact design is easy to use, and gives quick access for when you're ready to hit the slopes. Multi material construction integrates FDM printing, T-6 Aluminum, and even soft jaws for keeping grips on your snowboard or ski's, without scuffing your wax job. The Pagoda Ski Rack can be attached to most any flat surface or roof rail, with the included hardware.
We'll even toss in the angle mount bracket, so you can show off your "carving tools", and save valuable cargo area on your VTR Rack System.

Staying in-tune with the VersaTerra System, the Pagoda Ski Rack can accommodate most any size snowboard, ski, or sk8boards by installing them the best distance apart to suit your needs.
With the included angle mount brackets, we've provided almost limitless mounting position options.
Lightweight CNC'd Freestyle Snowboard is included, ready for your favorite decals or custom paint job!