"D-Drive" Micro Pro 25amp Brushless ESC

$ 57.50

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Available NOW!!!

We're excited to introduce the latest addition to our lineup of ESC's, the new 25amp D-Drive Micro Pro!
Its compact design was engineered by the development team at ESCape32.org, and it's packed with features that give you even more "bang for your buck" than any other opensource micro ESC on the market today! We've taken what they've done, and put it together just for you to dominate the micro crawler world!
Now with an integrated 3amp BEC hard-mounted to the ESC, and can now be adjusted thru your Wifi-Link! With multiple options available at the click of a button, simply choose between 5.5, 6.5, 7.4, & 8.4v. Which will provide all the power you need for one or two servos for your next build!

ESCape32 firmware Option ONLY:

Support the opensource revolution, and put 32bit technology in the "palm of your hand"! When purchasing this ESC, you are directly supporting the ESCape32.org Project, as we look forward to the capabilities that we can unleash for all BLDC motor control!
This opensource firmware features painless multi-platform access, whether you're at your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone using the ESCape32 Wifi-Link! Cross-platform compatibility is a snap, with no special downloads required, everything you need is accessed thru the Wifi-Link.
Simply connect thru Wifi, and experience even more tuning parameters than other popular 32bit firmware in the palm of your hand. We've added even more tuning parameters to ESCape32, inlcluding the new "prot_stall", increasing your current up to 8% more for smoothing out your transition from sine mode to trap  mode. Which will provide even more precise motor control and resolution in all points of your throttle. Featuring "bare-metal" based programming, most folks reporting a much more "connected" feel than they've experienced before! All while adding easier access to tuning then the competition! Including custom programmable startup tones that allow you to play your favorite tune, or write your own, by using the native ESCape32 music format. Or by simply uploading your favorite RTTTL ring tone file, that is converted to the native music format.

• Cross-platform Wifi access on all devices
• Simple "Plug n' Play" access thru Wifi-Link
• Integrated Wifi-Link controllable BEC voltage
• PH2.0, JST, & XT30 Battery Plug Options
• Hi-performance ESCape32 Firmware
• Hard-mounted PH2.0 3pin Motor plug
• Custom programmable startup tones
• Future-proof Wifi-Link programmer compatible (sold separately)
• Sensorless brushless & brushed modes
• Advanced brushed mode settings
• Sinusoidal brushless mode for slow speed crawler control
• Programmable Low-Voltage Cutoff & Drag Brake
• Integrated Voltage Sensor
• Telemetry (KISS, KISS auto, iBUS, S.Port, CRSF)
• Anti-arching and parasitic voltage spike protection
  **TVS Diode offers protection against:
   1) While plugging in your battery (arching during connection)
   2) Rapid motor braking when damped mode is enabled

MCU: STM32G071
• Firmware: ESCape32 "ESCAPE2"
• Voltage: 2-6S (5-6S use external 470uF cap)
Current: 25A
Sensors: voltage
BEC: 5.5/6.5/7.4/8.4V 3A continuous
Size: 28mm x 12mm x 10mm

Latest ESCape32 Firmware version, settings explained, music files, and more info available here, or within the "More" tab drop-down menu on our home page. Please checkout the new list of "tunes" for your startup tones, to customize your ride even more!


Please leave us a note during checkout,
with your brushless motor KV and pole count.
This will allow us to set these parameters during programming for you,
for better performance!
Custom configurations available by request, such as adding motor wires, 
custom length battery & servo leads, & "DBL D-Drive's" for MOA applications, 
please reach out to us for by using our "Contact Us" system, or giving us a call before purchase.

Now Shipping with ESCape32 Firmware REV.11