ESCape32 Wifi-Link

$ 25.00

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Join the opensource revolution, and put 32bit technology in the palm of your hand with the new ESCape32 Wifi-Link! 
This new opensource firmware features painless multi-platform access, whether you're at your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone using the ESCape32 Wifi-Link! Cross-platform compatibility is a snap, with no special downloads required, everything you need is accessed thru the Wifi-Link.
Simply connect thru Wifi, and experience even more tuning parameters than other popular 32bit firmware in the palm of your hand. We've added even more tuning parameters to ESCape32 that will provide more precise motor control and resolution. Featuring "bare-metal" based programming, most folks reporting a much more "connected" feel than they've experienced before! All while adding easier access to tuning then the competition!  Including custom programmable startup tones that allow you to play your favorite tune, or write your own, by using the native ESCape32 music format. Or by simply uploading your favorite RTTTL ring tone file, that is converted to the native music format.

• Cross-platform Wifi access on all devices
• Simple "Plug n' Play" access thru Wifi-Link
• Custom programmable startup tones
• Future-proof Wifi-Link programmer
• Sensorless brushless & brushed modes
• Advanced brushed mode settings
• Sinusoidal brushless mode for slow speed crawler control
• Programmable Low-Voltage Cutoff & Drag Brake
• Current limiter, telemetry, & frequency tuning