"D-drive" Micro Sport 25amp Brushless ESC

$ 47.50

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The "D-drive" Micro Sport is a 2-3s capable, 25amp ESC, programmed for brushless mode. Running on a 32bit chip, it's been custom flashed & assembled into one of the smallest form-factors you'll find. Weighing in at only 8grams, with a tiny "footprint" of only 30mm x 12mm x 10mm tall. With such a small size,  you certainly won't have any issues finding a great spot to install this on your micro crawler!

Utilizing the popular AM32 opensource firmware, you're fully programmable with the addition of our ESC programmer, found here. (available soon) Noticable increase in low-end control & throttle modulation, along with almost silent brushed operation will provide much less stall compared to stock ESC. (ESC can be reprogrammed to brushless mode,  to allow you to grow into a new setup down the road) 


This custom ESC is smashed together with an adjustable 2.5amp BEC, that can be adjusted anywhere between 5v - 8.4v when using 3s batteries. 

We've set the BEC to 6.5 volts as standard, unless you choose different from the dropdown menus below. 

Make sure to checkout all the options below, including waterproofing & custom paracord wrap, when selecting your ESC.

Brushless Version will include pre-tinned motor leads to attach your motor wires.
***Soldering is required***

Tips & tricks

 - Motor connection is the single output side.

 -  Battery, throttle channel #2, and BEC power to Rx outputs on the 3 wire side.