MST Chassis Mounted Servo Kit

$ 5.00

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The Dinky R/C chassis mounted servo kit allows you to move your steering servo from your axle, to your chassis for a more scale-realistic look.

Designed to fit the complete line-up MST crawlers,
including the CMX, CFX, and CFX-W.

When using this kit, it is recommended to move your steering and drag links to the upper side of your steering knuckles.
Which in-turn, increases your clearance/approach angle of your axle case, giving you another bit of added clearance. 
(New orientation shown below)

This CMS kit allows for full cycling of your suspension system, with no binding.

3D Printed from ABS

Hardware is NOT included.
Stock Steering-link CAN be re-used.
Re-use of your existing hardware to mount to your frame.
Servo must be attached to the CMS Bracket BEFORE installation. 
Servo Bolts attach from the opposite side than what would be normal.
You will need four 8mm x 3mm pcs. of hardware to mount the servo to complete your assembly process.
(Existing servo mount bolts cannot be used.)