Lipo Battery Checker/Alarm

$ 7.00

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A Lipo Battery checker/alarm is a great way to help maintain your lipo batteries, and should be in every R/C hobbiest tool box! 

But did you also know they are one of the easiest diagnostic tools you can use, when you have weird power issues to sort out? 

Simply plug in the battery checker to your balance plug, and operate your vehicle as you normally would. Then cycle thru all your radio functions, while watching the voltage change. This can tell you if you're starting to drop a cell while under load, as it will alert you with its alarm if the individual cell is reading a lower voltage than the others in the battery pack. Letting you know it's time for a new battery in the near future. 

If a servo is causing brown-out situations, you can make sure that's the case by following the same diagnostic path, and see that your batteries entire voltage is sagging, telling you it's time for replacement.