RC4WD Trail Finder 2 "Stealth" Mount

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The sleek design of the Dinky R/C "Stealth" Mounting system lowers your battery by 10mm into the chassis.
By relocating your battery to between the rear frame rails, you'll gain a slightly lower center of gravity, increasing the stability of your rig.
While it also provides mounting location for a micro servo, for your 2-speed gear changes. (Emax ES08MA 9gram servo NOT included)

Battery area will fit up to a 2200mah 3s lipo, which becomes easily accessible using the latching fuel cell mechanism. Conveniently located under the rear of the bed, disguised as your fuel tank for added scale detail. It requires no tools, body clips, or screws in order to remove and replace the battery. NO LONGER are you required to remove your body, in order to change your battery in your RC4WD Tf2 with Dinky R/C 's "Stealth" Mount!

When used in conjunction with our "Simple Slider" Brackets, it will allow you to remove the stock battery/ electronics mount entirely, moving your battery and electronics lower onto the chassis. In turn, lowering your CG, while giving you more room for interior and scale detail work.

The top of "Stealth" Mount does not protrude any taller than the stock rear shock mount. Keeping all the bed clearance you had before, while better utilizing the space in our opinion! Battery strap may be used to further secure your battery, by utilizing the T6 Aluminum rods that span the length of the battery area. But is not required.

Shown here in grey, for visual purposes only. Product shipped will be 3d printed in black, unless custom color is ordered specifically.
Contact us directly for more information and current color choices.

3mm Hardware is Included for installation
Aluminum Shift Rod is included, with Ball-ends for each side
Servo and Battery are NOT included

Now also available as a digital download! 
With 2 options to choose from, with or without simple sliders. 
And now ALSO INCLUDES optional electronics tray for the Stealth Mount!

When printing this yourself, you'll also need to fabricate an 1/8" Solid Aluminum rod at 155mm long. Bend at 70mm to suit, and tapped 3mm at both ends. Long side uses "standard" sized ball ends, short size uses suitable small ball end to attach to micro servo. 


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