SCX24 3-piece Suspension Combo

$ 20.00

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Save $2.50 when purchased in this combo, compared to the original price when buying them individually!

Rear link riser will increase vertical climbing ability, by producing rear anti-squat, helping to plant the front end during ascents. 

FLR skid plate provides a chassis side front upper-link riser, in order to bring the upper & lower links closer to parallel, eliminating the issue of dropping the front driveshaft during full shock extension. This also keeps your front axle roll to a minimum, helping to give you more predictable handling characteristics and steering authority. 

Our servo mount is fitted with the stock upper-link location in the lowest position. Or it can also be used in a rear steer rig, with the advantage of the additional link riser mounting points. Designed to fit the Emax servos, or similar of same size. Deeper bodied servos will fit with the addition of some spacers. 



Available in Black