TrailFinder 2 "Low-Pro" V2 Skid-Plate

$ 5.00

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Stop draggin' the belly of your Long Wheel-Base RC4WD TrailFinder 2,
with the Dinky R/C low-profile skid plate!

With a Brand New Introductory price of $17.50, just like the original!

Increases your center clearance above stock by 3/8" (10mm)

Known to work with the Two-Speed transmission. 
Known to work with stock drive-shafts
Carrier Bearing assembly is NOT re-used.
Stock drive-shaft is attached directly to the transfer case output shaft. 

3D Printed

Hardware is NOT included.
Re-use of your existing hardware from removing the stock skid plate,
will complete your re-assembly process.

***Also available as a Digital Download***


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I have provided these STL's for your personal use and enjoyment, and so that you may re-print them if you ever incur breakage of the printed part. I believe in encouraging individuals creativity, with parts that can be made and enjoyed from the comfort of their own home.

You are permitted to print or produce these works in any media that you like for your own personal use. You are permitted to have the files produced by any shop or individual of your choosing if you are unable to do so yourself.

What if a friend wants me to print one for them? If a friend would like you print a file for them, please have them purchase the STL prior to printing it for them. These designs take a lot of time and money to develop and I appreciate your support and integrity.