"D-drive" Micro Sport 25amp Brushed ESC

$ 51.50

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The "D-drive" Micro Sport is a 2-4s capable, 25amp ESC, programmed for brushless mode. Running on a 32bit chip, it's been custom flashed & assembled into one of the smallest form-factors you'll find. Weighing in at only 8grams, with a tiny "footprint" of only 30mm x 12mm x 10mm tall. With such a small size, you certainly won't have any issues finding a great spot to install this on your micro crawler!

Please note! The addition of the new "ESCape32" or "AM32" Firmware Options in the drop-down menus when selecting your choice of ESC!

ESCape32 firmware Option:

Join the opensource revolution, and put 32bit technology in the "palm of your hand",
with the new ESCape32 firmware & Wifi-Link! (Sold separately)
This new opensource firmware features painless multi-platform access, whether you're at your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone using the ESCape32 Wifi-Link! Cross-platform compatibility is a snap, with no special downloads required, everything you need is accessed thru the Wifi-Link.
Simply connect thru Wifi, and experience even more tuning parameters than other popular 32bit firmware in the palm of your hand. We've added even more tuning parameters to ESCape32 that will provide more precise motor control and resolution. Featuring "bare-metal" based programming, most folks reporting a much more "connected" feel than they've experienced before! All while adding easier access to tuning then the competition! Including custom programmable startup tones that allow you to play your favorite tune, or write your own, by using the native ESCape32 music format. Or by simply uploading your favorite RTTTL ring tone file, that is converted to the native music format.

• Cross-platform Wifi access on all devices
• Simple "Plug n' Play" access thru Wifi-Link
• Custom programmable startup tones
• Future-proof Wifi-Link programmer (sold separately)
• Sensorless brushless & brushed modes
• Advanced brushed mode settings
• Sinusoidal brushless mode for slow speed crawler control
• Programmable Low-Voltage Cutoff & Drag Brake
• Current limiter, telemetry, & frequency tuning

Latest ESCape32 Firmware version, music files, and more info available here, or within the "More" tab drop-down menu on our home page.


AM32 firmware Option:

Utilizing the popular AM32 opensource firmware, you're fully programmable with the addition of our AM32 Programmer, found here.
Noticeable increase in low-end control & throttle modulation,
along with almost silent brushless operation will provide amazing control over your rig!
Checkout the running video here.

Please leave us a note during checkout,
with your brushless motor KV and pole count.
This will allow us to set these parameters during programming for you,
for better performance!

Latest AM32 Firmware version, and more info available here, or within the "More" tab drop-down menu on our home page.


This custom ESC is smashed together with an adjustable 2.5amp BEC (3amp Peak), that can be adjusted anywhere between 5v - 8.4v when using 3s batteries.
We've set the BEC to 6.5 volts as standard, unless you choose different from the dropdown menus below.


If you'd like to add-on an AM32 Programmer,
Follow the link below to order, & more info here:
(This programmer WILL allow you to change between Brushed and Brushless Mode)

AM32 Programmer


If you'd like to add-on an ESCape32 Wifi-Link,
Follow the link below to order, & more info here:
(This programmer WILL allow you to change between Brushed and Brushless Mode)

ESCape32 Wifi-Link

"Plug n' Play" option will connect to your brushless motor directly,
***NO Soldering required***

***New XT30 Battery Plug Option available***

Tips & tricks

- Motor connection is the single output side. (All Black Silicone wire Harness)

- Battery plug comes out on the Receiver plugs side (Red & Black)

- Black, Red, & White servo plug is throttle channel #2

***New XT30 Battery Plug Option available***  

***All brushed models have now been updated to the 3pin motor plug for user convenience when changing to brushless mode without the need for soldering***