SCX24 "Rev 2.0" Micro Buggy

$ 75.00

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The Dinky R/C SCX24 "Rev 2.0" Micro Buggy is specifically designed to work with your long frame SCX24 Gladiator chassis.
The 3D printed ABS cage is form-fit to the OEM Axial frame rails, for added strength and a simple "no mod" installation.
Compact cage design works with all OEM electronics, without modifications.
You'll only need to remove the front 2 bolts from the battery tray, and drop it to below the frame rails, in order to clear the included interior.

You'll also need to reposition the ESC/Rx combo to the center of the front electronics mount, servo plugs facing forward.

We've integrated 1/16" steel rods into 2 areas of the chassis, to insure alignment, provide ease of assembly,
and increase strength of the entire cage.

All chassis components will arrive post-processed, and have been test fit, ready for assembly using your hardware.

Unlike nylon with printed items, the benefit of printing with ABS is that the cage can be further finished with light sanding,
and will accept most "over-the-counter" acrylic enamel paints with out heavy prep work.
Suggested use of at least 120 grit sandpaper for best sanding results before paint.

Lexan sheet will be included, as well as adhesive body panel templates to assist you in getting a good fit the first time.
Apply template decals to very thin cardboard, card-stock, or similar thin plastic sheet.
This will allow you to KEEP the templates, when you want to change them out, use alternative material like aluminum,
or produce your own graphics templates for a full wrap or decals.
***Always remember, "score and break" is the best method for cutting any Lexan material. 
This technique only requires light knife pressure in order to effectively cut your panels.
Also, by having YOU finish the panels, it helps cut overall costs, and helps save you money!*** 

- Assembly is required, and use of the Axial SCX24 Gladiator donor vehicle is recommended.

- Hardware is NOT included, and requires use of your SCX24 Gladiator donor vehicles hardware set for completion.

- Use of larger aftermarket motors may require minor modification of interior for clearance.

What's Included:

- 3D printed ABS cage (6pcs)
- 3D printed PLA+ interior set (7pcs)
- .030" Lexan sheet for body panels (w/ templates)
- Pre-installed 1/16" steel pins (3pcs)